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One of the things that has come about as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic which is likely to stay, is that I have introduced video consultations for existing patients in my practice.

This allows me to help manage their rheumatology care but at the same time allow them, me and my staff, to comply with social distancing recommendations and reduce the risk of infection.

The main system I am using is called It is designed specifically for medical consultations, is secure, and very easy to use.

▶   A quick video explaining how video consultations work

Available to existing patients only

How it works

My office simply send a simple link to those with scheduled with appointments by email (it can be sent by text message as well).

By clicking on that link patients enter a virtual waiting room and are in turn ‘brought into’ my virtual office for the consultation.

No software downloads are required and it works well with most browsers.

I am currently offering Video consultations for existing patients who I have seen in the last year.

Video consultation is not suitable for all consultations (especially where detailed examination or a procedure is required) but may be very useful as an interim measure between face to face consultations.

More information?
If you want to know more about this service, please contact my office on

At the moment I am only able to offer this service for existing patients.

Start consultation

If you have already arranged a video consultation with my office you can either click on the link in the email you will have received, or simply click below to enter the waiting room.

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