Rheumatology Clinic

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Rheumatology Clinic

Conditions treated

I have included links to some of the more common conditions seen by rheumatologists. Where possible (and the information exists) I have provided links to the relevant pages on the Arthritis Ireland Website.

Other good sources of information listed below include


Versus Arthritis (UK Charity)

National Axial Spondylitis Society (UK)

EULAR Young PARE (Voice of Young People with Arthritis Across Europe)

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Rheumatology related disease information

In an effort to provide my patients with reliable medical information that (I hope) they can trust, I have decided to post a series of short videos on a variety of relevant topics on a website called vidscrip.com. Each of them lasts less than a minute so won’t take ages to watch.

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Appointment FAQ's

Here's a list of frequently asked questions about appointments.

Pre-visit blood tests

This is a series of lists (for patients and their referring doctors) of blood tests that are most useful in the diagnosis of certain types of conditions.

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How to make an appointment with Dr Kavanagh.


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