I was a junior doctor when I experienced my first episode. The strange thing is, that despite my medical training (I may have bunked off a few of the relevant lectures in medical school), I didn’t recognise the symptoms. I had lost my appetite and had lost weight.  I wasn’t sleeping and was irritable, angry …Read the Rest

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in on a doctors appointment with a patient with a similar illness to yours? Wouldn’t it be interesting to listen in  to see how they approach discussions with their (your) doctor, whether they’ve got the same concerns and side effects as you’re experiencing? Can …Read the Rest

The Middle.

Dec 23


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There’s a little boy inside me that still titters at a particular type of smutty British seaside postcard. The range of postcards, popular in the 1950’s, featured double entendre gags illustrated by cartoons of buxom bathing ladies, naughty vicars, randy milkmen and hen pecked husbands One of my favourites features an exchange between a younger …Read the Rest


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Galway hosted Irelands’ first Performing Arts Medicine Conference in October of this year. The theme of our inaugural conference was the health of musicians. Our panel of speakers included health care practitioners from diverse specialty backgrounds such as Neurology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, Primary care, Psychology, Anatomy, Occupational Medicine, Occupational therapy, Osteopathy and of course, our patient experts. I have included …Read the Rest


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  Are you a health care professional who has a commerical idea involving technology that could improve health but don’t know where to start ?  Undoubtedly inspired by the enthusiasm (and success) of the entrepreneurs presenting, this was one of the hot topics of discussion at the .Med medical innovation meeting in Dublin this month. Here’s …Read the Rest

My father loves to attend the Cheltenham horse racing festival every year. The meeting, which is one of the biggest on the horse racing calendar is a celebration of Irish Horse racing that takes place in the UK and draws a crowd of over 200,000. As he has got older, the hectic pace of the …Read the Rest

Every year plane loads of industry moguls, rising stars, prima donnas, journalists and hangers on make their way across the Atlantic for one of the most hyped events of the year.  Hotels and restaurants are booked months in advance, hair dressers and dry cleaners get busy and, unless you’re with industry, it can be hard …Read the Rest

This years Musicians’ Health conference took place in Galway on Saturday October 13th. We were lucky enough to hear from a number of patient experts who told of us their experience of living with musicians’ injuries. I have included presentations from  two of these – Enda Scahill (of We Banjo 3) and Johnny Donnelly (formerly …Read the Rest

I’m on my way to my specialty’s Spring meeting. Its a small gathering with 40-50 specialists attending from all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. The meeting offers a strictly no choice ‘Table D’hote selection’ of 6-8, hourly sessions, comprising the best of local fayre with an occasional international contribution. As they say in these parts, …Read the Rest

‘Are you still wasting your time on Twitter?’ What surprised me was that this (rhetorical) question was put to me, not by an elder lemon colleague approaching retirement, but a freshly minted  colleague in his early thirties. Then I saw this Tweet from the Med2.0 conference; Audience member says 86% of docs surveyed in a large medical practice feelsocial …Read the Rest