Having spoken to dozens of patients on the phone this week, and having spent more than a few sleepless nights myself, I am all too aware of the impact that this strange, strange time is having on all of us. It can be particularly difficult for those with rheumatological conditions. Many of my more experienced …Read the Rest


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  Exciting news about a global research project designed to find out more about the real world risk of Corona Virus infection in rheumatology patients on immunosuppression. It goes live today. Link to Global Rheumatology Alliance For information on how the project came together read here.


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Updated 25/3/2020. Update from HSE in a letter 24/3/20 to doctors and pharmacists about availability of Hydroxychloroquine supplies in Republic of Ireland. “Hydroxychloroquine has been in use since 1955 and so has a proven record of relative safety. It has a very important role in the on-going management of rheumatoid and lupus conditions of many …Read the Rest


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There has been some reports in the international media (and some hoax messages on social media circulating in Ireland) suggesting that anti-inflammatory medications may increase the risk of severe Corona virus infection. My advice to patients of mine is that there is no reason to stop anti-inflammatory medications at this time unless you have had …Read the Rest


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As part of a number of measures we are taking in our office to ensure the safety of vulnerable patients and our staff, we are asking patients a few questions to help and identify those patients who may have an infection. Patients will be contacted before their appointment to ensure that they don’t have any …Read the Rest


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This is to reassure patients under my care I remain available to provide a service to my patients at this difficult time and intend to do so throughout this pandemic. I have a duty of care to the hundreds of patients I see every month, many of whom are particularly vulnerable at this time, and …Read the Rest


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As the Novel Corona Virus / Covid 19 infection becomes more and more prevalent, it is likely that increasing degrees of social distancing will be recommended. Whereas my outpatient clinics and infusion services are still running normally, I do have the facility to offer video consultations for existing patients who cannot attend in person for …Read the Rest


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This post was updated 17/3/2020 to include some updated information in the context of the worsening Corona Virus pandemic. I have also removed the videos that I previously posted as the information included in some of the segments is out of date. Please note: This advice has been prepared by way of information for patients …Read the Rest


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It’s 10pm on a Sunday night and all of my family and I are watching and laughing at Gogglebox on Channel 4. Except for my teenage son, who is upstairs in his bedroom. He is studying hard because he has decided that he wants to be a doctor. He’s started his vocation early — he’s only 14. …Read the Rest


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I have been doing some teaching recently. The final meds have been coming in for some last-minute prep for their exams. They’re a smart bunch and, for the most part, confidant, warm and don’t take themselves too seriously. Much as I’m enjoying the experience, they sure do ask a lot of questions and seem to …Read the Rest