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Many of those who are on immunosuppressive drugs and attending a rheumatologist may be confused or concerned about recent changes to the Covid 19 vaccination priorities in the Republic of Ireland.

This is to reassure you that if you are considered at increased risk of Covid 19 infection because of your illness or your medical treatment, these changes won’t make any difference to the order in which you will be vaccinated.

This is a video update on the current state of vaccination (as it pertains to rheumatology patients) as of 31/3/2021. These videos are for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. They are intended for patients currently under my care.

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  • Category 4 is only for rheumatology patients on Rituximab / Cyclophosphamide only
  • Category 5 is for rheumatology patients aged 65-69 on immunosuppression
  • Category 7 is for rheumatology patients aged 16-64 on immunosuppression