Sheridan’s cheesemongers is one of my favourite places to visit on a Saturday morning. It’s a beautiful shop in the market area of Galway city, with an impressive selection from the best cheese makers from Ireland and Europe. In cheese terms, the possibilities of Sheridan’s are almost boundless.

I have been a visitor to the shop on many occasions over the years, and, with Seamus Sheridan’s help, have extended my cheese knowledge beyond the Babybels and Easy Singles of my childhood.

All the same, the feeling of excitement I get on entering the shop is often accompanied by a level of anxiety as I approach the counter. We’re having some people round for dinner and I have to select something for after the meal. What’s the name of the cheese I had the last time? Is it meant to smell like that? Is it ok just to just get some Cheddar? Will I choose that Gubeen cheese or a Milleens from Cork, a Manchego from Spain, an Azeitão from Portugal or one of the many other dozens of cheese on display? It’s hard not to be overwhelmed.

Sometimes, I wish someone would make my mind up for me.

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