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One of the questions I’m most frequently asked by patients is whether diet plays any role in the management of arthritis. If one were to believe what they read in the papers about dietary remedies, or in the number of books promoting diets or supplements claiming to cure arthritis, one would be forgiven for wondering whether they …Read the Rest

“I learned that whatever we say means nothing, what anyone will remember is that we came” (Julia Kasdorf) The “rituals and practices around death”, poet and Undertaker Thomas Lynch writes in his book ’The Good Funeral’, “are a window into the soul of a culture. A society that is unsure about how to care for …Read the Rest


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“Its just like taking you home with me doctor.” The comment came, accompanied by a wink and warm smile, from a patient called Mary. Mary was giving me some honest feedback on some informational videos (featuring me) that I had sent to her using a platform called Vidscrip*. Just in case you were wondering. Vidscrip …Read the Rest

Two Hands

Sep 03


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If you have a spare 18 minutes, you could do a lot worse than watch this profoundly moving documentary about the concert pianist, Leon Fleisher. Fleisher’s early career was devastated by the development of a rare neurological disorder known as finger dytsonia. The movie, directed by Nathaniel Kahn, was nominated for an Oscar in 2007. …Read the Rest


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The late comedian, Bill hicks has a hilarious routine on the perils growing old. Although its probably best not reproduce the actual wording here, he remarks how, if he were to be given extra years in life (he wasn’t), he’d rather have them in the middle of his life rather than at the end. He …Read the Rest

Last week I attended a hospital based workshop which focused on how to manage discussions with patients in the setting of an adverse healthcare outcome.  Whereas an acknowledgment of the problem and an appropriate apology are essential, we were also reminded about the importance of encouraging patients to tell their version of events in a …Read the Rest

Keeping my patients well educated and uptodate with everything they need to know about their illness is a very important part of my practice. Knowledgeable patients do better on treatment, are less anxious about their illness, and tend to he happier overall in my experience. Having content, well informed patients in my practice also means I tend …Read the Rest

I’ve been lucky enough to be working with a new Healthcare startup called and have been preparing short educational video’s for use on their platform for my patients and for anyone else who’s interested. They will be short, 30-60 second answers to questions I’m asked as a rheumatologist all of the time.  We’ve had …Read the Rest

Dr. Ronan Kavanagh, a rheumatologist, gives a quick overview or the drug Methotrexate.